Psychic Greeting and Initiation

Psychic Greeting

When you become aware of your mission and seek to do “light work” on behalf of the planet,
if you are well enough in tune with the light to begin with,
you start to be a channel for a good deal of light going into the Earth planes,
and thusly attract the attention of “the loyal opposition,”
as I often call those discarnate entities whose path is that of service to self.
Such entities are drawn to the flow of light which the light worker is offering through its instruments,
and wish to trap that light for themselves.
If there is any distortion of truth anywhere in your offering of self as channel,
the chance of attracting psychic “attack” grows.
People standing close to the light in their work in consciousness may always expect occasional psychic greetings, for we are all human and prone to error.
The hope of avoiding error and living a “perfect” life is footless.
One can hone one’s desire, one can surrender to one’s guidance;
but one cannot avoid confusion.
So when a psychic attack or greeting occurs, we need not feel like we have somehow failed.
Just deal with the greeting.
The ordinary fellow is not likely to attract such greeting as they have not moved far enough in either direction to attract the attention of those who would choose to manipulate that movement.

One’s choices can be used in either the positive or the negative sense,
even when there is the seeming interference of negative entities in the manner of what many light workers call psychic attack and what we came to call psychic greetings.
We chose the term greeting to emphasize that there does not have to be a negative experience on the part of the one who is greeted
and that the experience that the one who is greeted actually has is in direct proportion to how that entity looks at the situation.
If one wishes to see such greeting as a difficult attack, then that becomes the experience.
One can however, also choose to see the Creator in all entities and events and can praise and seek the light within any situation and then that will become the experience.

These psychic greetings can become great opportunities to heal those lapses of harmony and to move even further and faster upon the evolutionary journey because what such a negative entity is actually doing when it intensifies one’s disharmonious choices is pointing out to your weak points which you might have missed in your own conscious seeking (For example choices based on fear)

One must take quick and thorough action in order to unravel these distortions in one’s beingness or further confusion and difficulty may ensue, again due to, first,
your original free will choice, second the intensification of that choice by the negative entity, and third, by lack of attention on your part in finally resolving the distortion and balancing it.
Fortunately, most people do not have to deal with the magical abilities of a fifth-density entity but with the lesser abilities of the fourth-density minions who are usually quite effective on their own.

I see that always psychic greeting turns into the opportunity to cooperate once more with destiny.
I have guinely found reason for praise and thanksgiving as I work with psychic greetings.
This is the key. Psychic greetings may bring mental, emotional or physical pain.
It also comes with blessings in its hands.

I do not mean to say that psychic greeting is not sometimes alarming. It certainly is.
There can be immense pain and staggering amounts of suffering in a greeting, and it can take many forms.
I do mean to say that there is nothing to fear.
Sometimes, the new age thinking can deny psychic greeting altogether, saying that there is no negativity.
I’ve met a lot of new age people who seriously think that the dark and evil doesn’t exist; it’s only in your head.
As you know there are many levels to this, many different ways of looking at it.
In one way, yes, you can say that evil doesn’t exist, because if you raise yourself above the astral plane you don’t have to bother with fear and evil,
but how many of us down here on Earth have actually gotten to that point?

The view of the loyal opposition needs to be balanced,
to see that service-to-self entities are of a certain kind,
and service-to-others entities make certain choices, and these choices have rhyme and reason.
Service to self tries to control and manipulate.
Service to others releases, surrenders, allows and cooperates.
Where we see psychic greeting, then, ask ourselves not to contract into fear, but instead to deal with the greeting,
with the mind that analyzes, with the intuition that makes hidden connections,
with the spirit that goes about this prayerfully and with an eye to Holy things.
All these seeming attackers are portions of ourselves.
In a profound and helpful sense, we may model psychic greeting as an attack on the self by a portion of the self.
That portion is part of our dark side or shadow, to use a Jungian term,
and it needs to be loved, accepted and reintegrated into the daylight self to create the universal and whole self.

In any event, the key to dealing with psychic greeting is focusing upon the unity of the self with All that is, including the entity who is attempting to “attack”, and moving into love and compassion.

It is important to see the Creator within all beings at all times.


Initiation can bring about the same situation.
It occurs at a point when much has been learned.
The catalyst has been taken and the responses have been those which attempt to polarize,
to make some progress as a seeker of truth who knows him/herself.
The learning wants to spiral ahead, and we feel ready.
At that crux, there will often be a time of real inner challenge,
complete with scary nightmares, odd visions, interrupted sleep and general spiritual malaise.
I believe these are times when the spiritual part of self needs to be sure the previous learning has been wel seated.
Consequently, the way to proceed is to deal with the experiences straightforwardly and continue to live the life we believe in.
A faith filled heart will serve.

Written by Carla Lisbeth Rueckert, edited by -World on Ayahuasca-