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Ayahuasca Ceremonies the Netherlands

Relatively close to border Netherlands | Belgium | Germany

Entheogenic event organizer for the promotion of consciousness and the balancing of the individual.
For healing, personal and spiritual progression, physical, mental and emotional cleansing.

Ayahuasca psychological benefits:

-Purges negativity, personal “baggage” and “garbage”
-Discover and strengthen your life’s path.
-Relive and face (unconscious) memories and traumatic life experiences so they can be healed.
-Higher your vibrational frequency.
-Review your life from different perspectives.
-Awaken to your multidimensional self.
-Become more aligned with your Soul / Higher Self.
-Relive and heal traumatic physical birth.
-Experience spiritual rebirth.

Ayahuasca physical benefits:

-Purges all toxins from your system.
-Decalcification (opening) of the pineal gland.
-Combats and prevents diseases.
-Increases serotonin receptors.

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