Our Ayahuasca Events are held in the Netherlands (Relatively close to the German and Belgian border), in a safe, warm and loving environment.
The location has a kitchen, shower, multiple toilets, sleeping accommodation, separate smoking room, terrace, ceremonial room, and a separate silent ceremonial room for people who prefer to introspect in silence for a while without music and/or distractions.

You will be welcomed and supervised by a team of experienced multidimensional travelers with a deep understanding of Higher Worlds and Dimensions.
We are not a big fan of labels, but if we have to put a label on ourselves, “Shamans of the New Earth” is what resonates most.
You certainly could call us progressive…

During the night some of our heavenly -World on Ayahuasca- music will be played, interspersed with some moments of silence.
Unlike some other places, we do not use extensive rituals or other lengthy ceremonial aspects.
We do not limit ourselves solely to the shamanic tradition but we also implement influences from all around the world to generate a modern and magical energy blend.

We open the circle and do a short ceremonial opening in which we read some spiritual texts and sing some songs to get all in a common state of mind.

(Download here the ceremony booklet)

The main focus of the night will be the Ayahuasca -the Master Teacher- and your own process.
We try to avoid all dogma and we encourage the participants to seek guidance within.
You will also probably experience our intuitive music selections as Divine guidance.
Be prepared to let go and to travel on a maelstrom of synchronistically selected tunes.

Another main focus is freedom in a secure environment.
A team of Angelic energy workers will watch over you and ensure your safety.
We believe it is important the attendants experience a sense of freedom during the event.
There will be a lot of room for “freedom of expression” and “spontaneity”.

Please read the testimonials of people who already did attend our sessions.

-World on Ayahuasca-ceremonial room new

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PLEASE READ THE HEALTH SHEET BEFORE SUBSCRIPTION as Ayahuasca is incompatible with some medications, drugs, physical and/or mental conditions.

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