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Because of our love and devotion towards our ceremonies and helping people with their inner spiritual growth we can personally offer you a positive and unique experience of enlightenment based upon your personal, spiritual and energetic plan to find out your intentions.
They eventually will be the key to your spiritual and mental growth…

What can you expect from the Bufo Alvarius ceremony ?

The Bufo Alvarius ceremony will offer you the most powerful and intense insights that can be reduced by soaking off your cultural programming. If you would like to imagine, you can imagine it like pushing on a button.

Your inner self button.

When you will do so, you will immediately be reunited with your original state of being and it will immediately awaken your soul.
You will return to your natural state of being and you will not only feel reborn, you will be reborn.
You will actually feel the state where your ‘database’ will be cleaned and reset.
A ceremony with Bufo alvarius is a very intense and successful technique already used by ancient healers for longer times

You will undergo a pure re-identification.

The deepest and most fundamental rebirth..

By this way your true higher self will come forward and in your daily life you eventually you will have more space for happiness and love. Something that has already been taken a long time ago from us by bad cultural programming.
The new high frequency that your soul will attend to condensers a state of new and greater collective interests and insights.
So are you ready for a spiritual update of your soul?
If you feel curious to what we have to offer and you feel you need more information,
we would like you to feel free to contact us so we can answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to know about our life changing Bufo alvarius ceremonies.

We’re hoping to meet you soon and we’re looking forward to guide you

Much love and light (from our partners), the Iboga Farm-team

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