Density denotes a vibrational frequency and not a location, which the term “dimension” implies.
4th dimension is an extra dimension beyond the three space dimensions.
Not “time” re: Einstein. 
It is an added spatial reference. 
The added “dimension” allows one to visualize outward and inward simultaneously.
Some other sources refer to this as 5D (they count “time” or others the Astral plane as 4th dimension)
Semantics differ, but it is the reality beyond the words what is important.

We believe we will be in a 4th Density world when everyone, or a certain percentage needed for this transition, has reached the level of Unity Consciousness (a.k.a. Christ Consciousness)

The Dimensions

0 dimensions is a dot. The first dimension is just a line. The second dimension can be drawn on a piece of paper. There’s length and width, but no depth. When the third dimension, we add depth: Length, width, and height.

The fourth dimension

 Because we have two eyes and binocular vision, we see in three dimensions, and understand these three dimensions very well. But it stops there. Humans struggle with the fourth dimension. What is the fourth spatial dimension? The idea sounds crazy to us. But the fourth spatial dimension isn’t as crazy or foreign as it sounds.

Don’t forget, if you cover one eye and look at an unfamiliar scene, you’ll lose your depth perception. If the scene is familiar or you recognize familiar object sizes, your brain will compensate and will trick you into seeing depth, but that’s only because you’ve seen in three dimensions already.

But without your second eye, you’ll see only in two dimensions, like one-eyed animals. These one-eyed animals who have never seen the third dimension, likely struggle with the third dimension as much as we struggle with the fourth. But we humans know it exists. We’ve seen it!

There is also an app that helps visualize the Fourth Dimension. You can find it here.

Dimensions in Flat World

Maybe this story will help illustrate. Imagine the people who live on flat world. They are two dimensional creatures living on a flat, two dimensional world. They can see left, right, forward, and backward, but there is no up or down to them.

One day, one person on flat world decides to walk in one direction. He walks and walks and walks, then finds something shocking. He ended up back where he started!

How could this have happened? Even though flat world is two dimensional to its people, it is round like a planet. Without any concept of up or down, the walker managed to walk around the circle and end up where he started.

Naturally, the flat world people are baffled. Even though they can’t see it or understand it, they’ve discovered the third dimension.

Can we see the fourth dimension?

The success of 2009’s “Avatar” demonstrates that moviegoers appreciate the difference between 2D and 3D, and they’re willing to pay a little more for an upgrade. Most of us are accustomed to watching 2D; even though characters on the screen appear to have depth and texture, the image is actually flat. But when we put on those 3D glasses, we see a world that has shape, a world that we could walk in. We can imagine existing in such a world because we live in one. The things in our daily life have height, width and length. But for someone who’s only known life in two dimensions, 3D would be impossible to comprehend. Because we only know life in 3D, we don’t know how to look for anything more.

In 1884, Edwin A. Abbot published a novel that depicts the problem of seeing dimensions beyond your own. In “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions,” Abbot describes the life of a square in a two-dimensional world. Living in 2D means that the square is surrounded by circles, triangles and rectangles, but all the square sees are other lines. One day, the square is visited by a sphere. On first glance, the sphere just looks like a circle to the square, and the square can’t comprehend what the sphere means when he explains 3D objects. Eventually, the sphere takes the square to the 3D world, and the square understands. He sees not just lines, but entire shapes that have depth. Emboldened, the square asks the sphere what exists beyond the 3D world; the sphere is appalled. The sphere can’t comprehend a world beyond this, and in this way, stands in for the reader. Our brains aren’t trained to see anything other than our world, and it will likely take something from another dimension to make us understand.

But what is this other dimension? Mystics used to see it as a place where spirits lived, since they weren’t bound by our earthly rules. In his theory of special relativity, Einstein called the fourth dimension time, but noted that time is inseparable from space. Science fiction aficionados may recognize that union as space-time, and indeed, the idea of a space-time continuum has been popularized by science fiction writers for centuries. Einstein described gravity as a bend in space-time. Today, some physicists describe the fourth dimension as any space that’s perpendicular to a cube — the problem being that most of us can’t visualize something that is perpendicular to a cube.

The 4th Density

 “In my Father’s house are many mansions”

~ Jesus  

Is it possible that there are other realities we aren’t aware of? Today, scientists seriously talk about things such as dimensions, multi-dimensions, parallel universes, and multi-verses, which were considered nothing more than fairy tales not too long ago.

Is it equally possible that advanced extraterrestrials, who have learned how to live in harmony with the material world because of their spiritual principles, are the same kinds of beings we are evolving into? And is this advanced place of existence in a higher dimension?

God is not a static being. Nor are we. All of us are becoming greater and grander versions of who we are. And that means we are evolving and expanding into higher places of learning, exploration, service, and awareness of Spirit. And what is evolving? Our consciousness.

We currently find ourselves in 3rd density, physical reality. Each dimension has multiple layers of vibration and existence. As such, the highest layer of vibration in the 3rd density brushes up against the lowest level of the 4th density. Is that the next step in our evolution? To ascend into the lowest level of the 4th density?

As we evolve into these higher levels of energy and vibration, we have earned the right to different characteristics, gifts and an expanded way of life.

For example, those who currently exist in the lowest levels of the 4th density have a lighter physical body, maybe live for hundreds of years, eat healthier diets, communicate through mental telepathy, are advanced technologically, have more meaningful relationships with their partners, heal their bodies with the mind, meditate more meaningfully, have greater awareness of Spirit and the concept of Oneness among all things, and live in greater harmony with Universal Truths.

Keep in mind that 4th density beings do not sit on white, puffy clouds in the ethers and chant 24 hours a day. Rather, their lives are far more interesting and less limited than ours. These advanced beings are able to explore the physical universe and other dimensions at will, but none higher than the ones they currently occupy.

The physical universe in which we currently find ourselves is filled with wonders and mysteries we can’t even imagine. It is gigantic beyond description, and is expanding and adding to itself as you read these words.

Advanced beings that exist in other dimensions maybe have the ability to “drop” into lower dimensions and spend time there.

Is it also possible that some of these advanced ETs have come here to help us through the ages? Could Jesus, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and many others be such beings from higher dimensions? Surely they came from somewhere.

If you are reading these pages, you probably realize that over the past 40 years or so there has been an increasing amount of New Age, spiritual, and metaphysical wisdom that has been waved over this planet for all who are ready to respond to its calling.

Within the New Age/spiritual books I’ve read, there is a common theme that runs through many of them regarding the shift to a positive 4th dimensional reality.

The books say that cosmic cycles big and small are now completing for us, that planet Earth is entering a region in space where the vibrational energy is increasing dramatically and that we humans and our planet are being affected by this elevation in cosmic energy. Although these are the destined times of opportunity for all to take advantage of, some will be drawn to this new energy and some will not.

Hand in hand with this new wave of elevated energy divinely inspired teachings have been sent to provide us with alternate truths and insights to consider. But not all have responded to their message.

For those who have responded to the divine invitation that has recently been given us, their consciousness and awareness have expanded and their vibrations are increasing faster than those of 3-dimensional reality.

Is it possible that all of this is happening now? Is there a measure we can use to show that we have started shifting from the 3rd density into the lowest level of the 4th? Just exactly what is the shifting experience? How do you know whether you’re shifting? What are the symptoms?

Here are some thoughts to consider if you suspect you are going through the process of inner, personal transformation and are experiencing a dramatic shift in vibration and awareness because of it…

As an analogy, think of the 3rd and 4th density as being two boxes or two different spaces separate from one another.

Shifting from the 3rd to the 4th density is like moving out of space “a” and moving into space “b,” as if you are leaving one room and entering another.

It feels as if the “old self” you once were has passed on and its remnants belong to the 3-dimensional space you formally occupied.

Today, through spiritual awakening, inner change, and personal transformation, the new “you” and your ever expanding consciousness, are moving into a higher energy or reality…the 4th density.

And here is the big eureka. Even though you find yourself shifting into a different space your body and your expanding awareness are still existing side by side with the old reality. And you are aware of both “boxes” simultaneously!

Thus, as you walk down the street, you are able to sense the old reality you once occupied. You are aware of the people who are still in it. You may even interact with them, but you no longer feel attached to or associated with that space or energy anymore. On the contrary you feel quite detached from it even though you currently find yourself in it.

It’s as though two different belief systems exist side by side each with its own energy. And today you can sense that your new energy is different than theirs.

In other words, you feel that you are in the world, but not of it.

Interestingly, you are aware that two different realities exist (the 3rd and the 4th), but those still in the 3rd cannot sense, appreciate, understand or relate to the new reality you have shifted into.

The rate of your vibrations will determine how much your focus has shifted from your old, 3-dimensional world into the new 4th dimensional reality that is emerging for you.

Many factors will affect your rate of vibration. These include the speed and degree of your spiritual awakening, the food you eat, the time you spend in meditation, the amount of effort you use to serve humanity, how much you develop your mind-body-soul complex, your thoughts, the love you bring to others, the steps you take to avoid sources of negative energy, and so on.

All of these actions influence your energy and consciousness, which in turn affect your awareness and focus, how you view and experience the world and how you feel about it. The sum total of all of these reactions affects your vibration in one way or another.

The faster you vibrate the faster is your exit from 3-dimensional reality into the 4th. Thus, depending on the individual and his or her circumstances, there can be degrees of how much of a part of you has shifted from the 3rd into the 4th dimension.

Shifting to the 4th dimension, at least for now, is not disappearing from the space around you in a pool of smoke and reappearing in a new world. Rather, it is a shift in consciousness or a shift in your state of mind wherein you realize that you have moved into a space (4th dimension) that is separate from, but exists simultaneous with, the old world in which you once existed (3rd dimension).

There are many symptoms that result when you begin to shift from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. I suspect the biggest one has to do with how much your awareness has been affected, what your focus is (material versus spiritual), and how your view of reality has changed.

Finally, I believe that in order to experience and feel the effects of this shift in one’s state of mind, we have to reach a certain degree of detachment from those things that keep us anchored to the 3rd dimension. This usually requires a radical spiritual awakening.

I’m convinced that a Higher Intelligence determines whether one is ready to shift into the lowest level of the 4th dimension permanently. When that happens, I’m equally convinced that we will join other positively spiritually advanced beings we refer to as extra dimensional to continue learning and growing in the same ways they enjoy. Or maybe we stay between two dimensions to help others.

Higher Density Consciousness

Earth, for many of years, has had access into higher dimensions. However, everyone will evolve into a 4th Dimensional Consciousness or higher. This solely means our consciousness will shift from “Service to Self” or polarity consciousness (3D) into “Service to Others (self included)” or Christ Consciousness. Allow me to explain in the simplest way I can. Bear with me.

Earth is a 3rd Dimensional planet (or better: realm), which means the physical plane is a 3rd Dimension. Being a 3rd Dimensional planet leaves Earths inhabitants with a consciousness of everything up to the 3rd and some to the 4th Density. However, a 3rd Density consciousness cannot view the 4th Dimension. The 4th Dimension being a spiritual plane. This is why some people can experience the sight of spirits, while others are not able to, because according to some, spirits reside on the 4th Dimension. So, when the Earth makes it’s shift into a higher dimension we will all have access into the 4th Dimension, because our consciousness will rise into a 4th Density Consciousness (and higher). Therefore we will all evolve into more spiritual beings. We will have direct access to our soul, spirit guides, guardian angels, past life wisdom, past life knowledge, past life creativity, etc. Exciting right?

Still confused?

Okay, so I am sure most of you have found yourselves in self-reflection, or self-realization. This is a process we go through that makes us scavenge through our past to appreciate our present and organize our future. During this process some people probably have finally realized that each struggle helped shape who they are and provided them understanding of their worth, along with realizing their true Soul purpose. This process deals with the ending of “Service to Self”, which you have mastered. Therefore you are preparing yourself for the shift of consciousness into “Service to Others.” You are becoming more open to your spiritual reality, rather than just being open to your physical reality. This means you are becoming connected to everyone around you and not just to yourself. You are more open to the soul of another person rather than just seeing them as another human. Is your consciousness shifting into a higher dimension? (See if you can relate to any of these questions.)

-Have you found yourself doing nice things for others? (You are beginning to acknowledge and understand the needs of others and how they are equally important than those of your own.)

-Have you noticed who people really are on a soul level? (You are finally seeing people for who they are without judging their physical appearance.)

-Have you noticed how you are eating foods you may have never enjoyed? (Your body is choosing food that is more right for your body. You are becoming aware of foods that are healthy, for your physical and energetic body. As the physical body does determine the health of the energetic body, which is the spiritual body.)

-Have you noticed how your body is becoming more sensitive to energy around you? (Your body is growing spiritually, which means you are connecting with people on an energy level where you are able to feel their energy more.)

-Have you started to feel things touching you, or hearing voices, without having a physical presence there? (These are the spirits on the 4th Dimension interacting with you. They are not to fear. These spirits can be deceased loved ones, guardian angels, spirit guides, etc.)

There are many more symptoms of ascension, such as physical rashes (detoxing of the body from toxins consumed), fatigue (The soul reconnecting to the physical body), nausea (From food the body rejects, can no longer consume.), headaches (From the opening of third eye), etc. These are the most common. I must remind you that each person will experience different symptoms. No ascension is the same, because we are all different.

From 3D to 4D, a Higher Order of Relationship

As the human race steps into the Age of Aquarius, our consciousness is transforming from the third density level to the fourth density level.

As we move from the 3D into the 4D reality, we are moving from separation to integration. Therefore, the operating premise that we have had in 3D reality (based on separation) can no longer operate successfully in 4D.

What we are feeling in our own growth (whether it be relationships with lovers, family, friends or ourselves) is almost a sense of urgency about letting go of certain beliefs and perspectives that we have carried for quite some time. We as a human race are being called to let go of the victim mentality, while take responsibility of our creation and manifestation.

David Hawkins wrote in Power vs. Force, “By taking the responsibility for the consequences of his own perceptions, the observer can transcend the role of victim to an understanding that ‘nothing out there has power over you.’ It isn’t life’s events, but how one reacts to them and the attitude that one has about them, that determines whether such events have a positive or negative effect on one’s life, whether they’re experienced as opportunity or as stress.”

The following is a sociological comparison of the operating premise of 3D reality vs. 4D reality.

3rd-Density Relationships
The way people relate to one another in the 3rd density consciousness.
4th-Density Relationships
The way people relate to one another in the 4th density consciousness.
Separation as an identity.
Feeling separated as individuals.
Based in illusion.
Understand and experience that everything and everyone are really all connected.
We are One.
Integration with God-Source.
Withholding information from others & from self. Avoid conversation on touchy subjects.
With secrecy, my partner never gets to know who I truly am.
Keeps me separated from the greater portion of myself.
Total honesty with my partner.
My partner gets to know who I truly am. Honesty means being 100% who I truly am.
I do not withhold a comment or information to avoid hurting my partner, or to control the relationship.
I can never really know or predict what will hurt another or how they will react to my honesty.
I stop assuming responsibility for the other person’s emotions, growth, & reactions to my honest non-manipulative communications.
I will love you only so long as you fulfill my needs and expectations. I will withdraw my love if you do not satisfy me.
Even if you don’t fulfill my needs and expectations, I will still love you. I love you for who you are without trying to change you.
I need commitment in order to avoid my fear of having to deal with other relationships. Although commitment never insures security, commitment makes me think or feel that I am secure.
I stay in the present and I do not need a commitment because I trust that the future will take care of itself. Commitment is irrelevant to how I feel right now.
I want, expect, and try to get my partner to fulfill my expectations and needs. I use my partner to satisfy my needs. I am not happy unless my expectations are met.
I trust and have no expectations from my partner.
I enjoy my partner, but without expectations.
I use obvious or hidden manipulation so that my needs will be met and I can remain protected from my own fears. I only see my partner as who I need or want them to be, not who they really are.
I allow my partner to be who they are or who they want to be. I love and accept who they truly are.
I do not trust that everything that occurs is for my highest good, therefore I need to control and shape the relationship so that it will take the form I wish it to be.
I feel like I “own” my partner.
I trust that everything that occurs is for my highest good, therefore I have no desire or need to control my partner.
My partner is a sovereign being, just as I am.
I depend on and need someone
outside of myself in order to be happy.
I recognize that I am the co-creator of my own reality. Therefore, I am a generator of my own happiness.
3-D emphasizes duality. If my partner begins to also love another person, that means he/she will have less love for me.
No matter how many other people my partner loves, this does not diminish at all, in any way, how much love he/she has for me. No matter how many other people I love, this does not diminish at all, in any way, how much love I have for my partner.
My partner spending LESS TIME with me is not good.
My partner’s love for me is equal to the amount of time they spend with me.
I want to avoid being on my own, by myself.
To keep from having to face the fear of being alone, I will cling to my partner.
My partner spending LESS TIME with me is fine.
If I truly love myself unconditionally, then the time spent with myself is equal in value to the time spent with my partner.
I love myself as much as I love my partner, therefore, the time I spend alone is just as enjoyable as the time spent with my partner, and it’s okay if I spend less time with my partner.
There is always pain when I function from the 3-D relationships “mind-set” because it is built on separation and fear.
There is never any pain, only happiness, pleasure, and ecstasy when I function from the 4-D relationships “mind-set”.
I am being rejected by my partner, therefore I am angry and hurt.
I have lost my direction.
I feel justified in my anger.
I dislike/hate my partner.
In realizing that this relationship is no longer serving us, we choose to harmoniously end it. We recognize that the relationship is going in different directions, and so we allow it to end, without any hard feelings, only with love.
Of course we need to be there for our partners in good and bad times.
I am dependent on the physical presence of my partner to feel connected with them.
I need my partner by my side or I will feel scared and alone.
Even if my partner is far away, or even if I haven’t seen my partner for a long time, I still feel very connected to them. Whereas separation is an illusion, being actually connected-together is the reality no matter the distance.
I am angry at my partner for not meeting my needs! I blame others for my misery even though blame makes me powerless and feel more out of control.

I understand that I co-create my reality and that I choose how I perceive reality.
“Offenders” & “Victims”
I can hurt others.
I can be hurt by others.
I can be hurt by the comments or actions of others.
Self-Responsibility & Empowerment
I understand that there is no victim-hood, since each one co-creates their own reality.  I choose how I perceive reality, and this even includes other people’s reactions to my actions. I can never be hurt by another person.  Only I am responsible for my reactions to other people’s comments or actions.
My partner is seeking to have their needs met externally by me, but a person’s needs can never really be met by anyone else, so my partner is bound to eventually get angry at me for not fulfilling their needs.
I am pure in my intention with my relationship.
I am 100% who I truly am with my partner.
I am responsible for what, in my integrity, I would like to give to our relationship.

You may find yourself somewhat resonating with this 4D way of relating to the world. That is a sign that you are transitioning into 4D. Take initiative now.

4D love