Loved your ceremony .. for me it was a next level experience .. thank you all for being there LOVE

-Bas (08/10/2016)

I feel this has been a deep and powerful journey for me. It has strengthened me in my determination to continue steering away from the habits that I know don’t serve me. After my previous Ayahuasca session I did the same and quite successful, until I encountered a situation that arose unexpected old pain and confusion. My goal is to be able to handle such situations without having to resort to Ayahuasca. But I am grateful to know this amazing medicine exists and that you guys (Timmy, Rene, and all the other wonderful guides) are making all of this possible.

-Erik (08/10/2016)

Thanks to all of you especially the guides for your patience and support. I’m still vibrating at high level so unable to sleep. Hope it will settle.

-Reem (08/10/2016)

Very intense session for me… Very rewarding, though… Just arrived home, still feeling a state of eerie tranquility that I’ve been in since I left Doetinchem… Trusting that I experienced a profound healing… Time will show, though… Thank you Timmy, thank you guides and respect for your loving work  😉

-Miro (08/10/2016)

The complexity made it more beautiful… Respect for the Guides! You guys and gals did an awesome job! Thank you for an absolutely beautiful experience!!!!

-Sam (08/10/2016)

Most epic healing journey ever. Thank you guides for your very professional and angelic care, thank you fellow “travellers” for raising the vibration of the group, thank you Mr DJ 🙂 I was in heaven, in hell, in magical realms. Mother ayahuasca guided me far behind my intentions and expectations. At times it was difficult and intense, like around midnight when I asked for the little garden visit, I wished I could have 30 minutes break form the trip 🙂, like the pilgrim can sit on the stones for a while when he is tired.. hahhaaa I told the Mother. Then it became bearable again and the journey continued until 8:30 in the morning. I only had 1 round, though. My experience with the medicine in Peru was very different. I could not go this deep and the potion was almost undrinkable. I’d like to come back and I will recommend World on Ayahuasca to others.

-Krisztina (22/08/2016)

This was something else, totally AMAZING! Thank you SOOOO much to you Timmy and all the guides! You are all doing a wonderful thing and should be very proud of yourselves! Roll on August ❤️❤️❤️👌

-Scott (16/07/2016)

What an extraordinary, great, magical, loving expirience!
The music, party, dancing, groups-vibe.., i really enjoyed it.
Thanks to Timmy, guides and participants for i was able to share this with you all!
#timmystyle #iloveit! # <3

-Miriam (16/07/2016)

This last ” session ” was sooo special…!!! Super vibe… was MAGIC… music untill now…..soooo deep….deep bow…..for all my brothers and sisters…..thank you…

-Ger (16/07/2016)

It was a great ceremony, loved the music! <3

-Mark (16/07/2016)

The mixes are absolutely stunning! This is exactly what I was looking for. Should have checked them earlier of course.. Thanks for yet another mind blowing and very insightful 4D experience! Blessings to all of the guides and participants who made this absolutely incredible weekend possible. I feel grateful to have been part of this. I bow to all you beautiful souls.

-Erik (16/07/2016)

Yet another powerful experience behind. When going through it’s own hell, my ego promised itself not to explore it anymore. However, my spirit grows still stronger and stronger… So, looking forward to the next journey 😉 Love you guys!

-Miro (18/06/2016)

Dear people, as you all may have noticed, I had quite a struggle during the ceremony. In the last two days, it became very clear to me what that battle was all about. It has everything to do with the the soul, the true inner self, being neglected, suppressed and betrayed for much too long. I want to thank the guides for their amazing support.. and Timmy of course for the amazing music during the ceremony.

-Erik (07/05/2016)

Saturday was my first Ayahuasca experience, However I did not went into a real deep journey with some helpful insights, I am absolutely grateful what is has done to me: I surely did notice a change: Lots of warm feelings, tenderness, energy and a deep self-love ; In the evening at home I really could feel this warmth in my body. It was if I could feel my blood circulating in my legs, arms and body…amazing. Thanks for the fantastic experience ! The organization was great, Grateful to feel surrounded with so many lovely people. Especially the guides, felt so much love from them, sending you all my love, so nice, so safe; An I loved the music, the energy of the music I could really feel in my body!; Surely I will come back for a new journey! Many thanks to Todd, the organization and mother Ayahuasca..I am Soul

-Frank (26/03/2016)

This time I really have no words to explain the experience. Thankyou so so much for everything. I can only say it was beautifull! Xxx

-Lore (26/03/2016)

Amazing experience! The music was fantastic! Looking forward to another Ceremony! Blessings to all of you – brothers and sisters in spirit!

-Miro (26/03/2016)

I have no words to thank you for the session. Personally it was simply a bomb, in every sense. It has provided me with what I needed. The guides are simply amazing, ready to assist and very very professional. I personally liked the music, even though at sometimes it was heavy and dark, it has helped me immensely to purge what is no longer needed. All I can say is Thank You! Will come and visit soon, if the universe allows it 😉 Aho!!

-William (26/03/2016)

It was a fabulous ceremony, with Fantastic music and lovely people on same frequency. Never felt that much synergy, still vibrating. looking forward to next time. Divine!

-Peter (26/03/2016)

I’ll be back in the not so distant future to dive even deeper into the depths, great great experience! <3

-Nick (26/03/2016)

It was amazing. I found the option to be in a nearby room particularly useful as the music was a bit too loud for me. The guides were so professional and their presence reassuring and very helpful. Thank to all of you for making this happen, and like others i plan to be back!

-Reem (26/03/2016)

It was the second Ayahuasca experience for me and it was much more intense than the first time. Nevertheless afterwards my memory of the journey is quite blurry, although I realize I was not up to breaking through any emotional (and visually encountered) wall when I was confronted with it. So still on the road to salvation 🙂 Luckily there are wonderful angels along the path like Sharon, with the most tender touch bringing comfort to a wandering soul. Thank you so much <3 And thank you to all the other guides and Rene and John for creating such a nice place for meeting not only yourself, but also many other lovely people. No coincidence there, the universal Law of Attraction. No wonder you struck upon Timmy, a stand-up guy with a special magical touch on the psychedelic lightwork. Thanks for the score once again, the music drew us in and took us out of there 😀 Love, Frederik.

-Frederik (27/02/2016)

Wauw! Amazing words Miriam and the rest of you. Love is an amazing wicked thing. For me it was the first time sharing this experience with you amazing people and experiencing ayahuasca this way. And the love is definitely felt, it’s such a relieve to find mindliked people and discover for real that what I have sensed for a couple of years now, that love is the only true force and that that connects us all in this wicked world, without looking like an idiot/ sensing that people accept it but not really feel it.

My journey was really heavy at first. Went through a lot of traumas. A lot of thanks to all the guides. I think I needed and have had lot of your help going through them. Which was needed I realised while I was going through them.
Since it was my first time I was kinda surprised by the ease that I gave up my dignity and autonomy. But then again there was soo Much love and especially from you the guides that I’m not surprised at all.

Then I had a long struggle with my ego. After reading the sacred voyage I thought that letting go would be easy for my. But the opposite turned out to be true. I was trapped in a nobody’s land (which was my biggest fear after reading the book) it felt like I was flooting a bit above the earth. In spacelike. I could make out the earth in a clear way, but felt like the was nothing. No emotions, no motive NO LOVE, nothing ! Which was really bad. I could let this absurd feeling come over me, but I couldn’t accept it as if this were earths truth. I just knew that I had to get through it ( that if I accepted it it would vanish) but that was exactly the reason why it didn’t pass, because I never really accepted it, only to get it over with. Only after being too tired to struggle any longer it slowly vanished bit by bit. Then I entered a happy phase. The music helped me a lot here! It was truly magical!!! The hangdrum is a magical instrument for me. I felt a lot of tickeling sensations and a lot of love!! Beautiful.

Then this week felt like the night but then prolonged to a week. Didn’t realised it till just now. The first couple of days I was really tired and down. Couldn’t really be bothered. Then yesterday I started having a lot of energy again and today even more and a lot of creativity again. Started drawing again. And loved the music and the beautiful night sky tonight. If anyone is out there, check it out. The night has something fairytale like tonight.

I wanted to do ayahuasca this time to find out what I want to do with my life. But realised that that wasn’t really true to myself. After a talk with Keesje on Facebook and with my cousin I realised I wanted to find out what I want to do with my life because of society and family pressure. I have always felt that I will figure it out while I go. That hasn’t changed. I just decided this week that I’m gonna give up searching and let it be. And accept that it’s okay to do nothing for a while! Which is absolutely impossible, because we’re always doing something. But not labelling it, like society wants us to do. And be so fucking serious all the time. Just started enjoying the magical and childish joys of life again! So I will be perfectly fine with doing only/mostly this!

Lots of love, light and happiness to you lovely people. See you sooooon!! 😀 <3

-Maud (09/01/2016)

Ayahuasca ceremony 9-1-2016

9 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 19
1 + 9 = 10
1 + 0 = 1


‘Revealing the dark side’; I got this name from a spirit

I have had a lifetime experience, a true transformation!
First off I became one with a green structure of snakes, roots and strands of DNA. Agile, rhythmic, surrender, go with the flow.
Then, came to me my life over. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into each other, as I saw my life pass by. The old parts of me myself who no longer hear with me, which I have released. My new me. I’ve seen how I can go in my strength, my wholeness. I saw the Oneness of me. Then I got terrible physical pain. Old physical trauma again relives, as if it was healed again. Visually I saw snakes that then shed their skin, eyes bright again, as if they were literally the world with new eyes. I saw that wisdom and knowledge to a process of death and rebirth led, after I saw the world in a whole new perspective. Change and healing, a new level of creativity and wisdom to be reborn.
Special thanks to John, Rock! Hit me! You were for me the motor of the ceremony. You served me enough petrol so that the machine could keep running full speed. You are a beautiful soul; I love you! Great thanks!!
Rene, Hero! You were for me the leader of the ceremony. Safety, caring and always there when I needed you, great thanks and muches love! You did a fantastic job!
Timmy, the heartbeat of the ceremony! You are such a nice, good guy with a big loving heart. Thanks again for the great experience, you are amazing and I love you too! Looking forward for next ceremony.
Sharon, Angel of light! You were the soul of the ceremony for me. You have held me when I needed it. You read my life with me and give me so much wisdom. You are pure love and you changed my life. Sister, I will love you always!
Nava, we met each other at night, struggling both with physical pain and start talking. Thanks for the beautiful stories, the compassion and all the compliments you gave me. It was magical the way we had coincidences and like wises. I am looking forward to have a fallafel with you in Tel Aviv and if you see Jesus, tell him I love him! Israel Shalom! I love you too!
Ger, Ofcourse! wink emoticon Again an great conversation, much love and understanding. I am thankful that I got to know you. I love you. You are a brother, a friend, take care, to be continued ….
To all co-participants; thanks for sharing with you the good vibe that was there. I’m honored to have this experience with you all. Great thanks, till next time!

Love & Light!!

-Miriam (09/01/2016)

Again the freedom and support was overwhelming. Well organised with a lot of love for the people and the medicine. Thank you also for the guides. I had a great journey the first few hours … and then came the second round 🙂 I physically felt really ill and mentally drained. From then on it was a real ( energetic) cleansing. For me it was a hectic night, going from heaven to hell and back. Hope to be back soon at Doetinchem. Love

-Tom (09/01/2016)

Ayahuasca gave me a hell of a ride again. The interaction With keesje took allot from me. Emotional mentaly en psychical. I was So tired that my body said to me. Your tired And you must eat. So I skiped the second round. In the kitchen I ate And enjoyed the company of my dear friend kenneth And the lovley angel sharon. Thanxs René And John And timmy for again a great experience. Amen

-Dave (09/01/2016)

It was great. I was really impressed about how beautifully held it was. Thanks all you guys your loving caring was truly impressive. It was my first Aya session out of the Shamanic way of holding. It was good to be around such a diverse group of people. I was amazed at some peoples capacity to drink so much as just the one cup did it for me! The music was also great. Though the heavy base at the end of the night challenged me a little. Thanks Timmy I hope this is my first of many session with you guys. Much love Tez

-Tez (09/01/2016)

Thanks the opportunity for this amazing journey on a sacred world of aya.
Special thanks for the crew who was caring and guiding us.
Especially Rene,who was guided me through,my hardest battle in this healing ceremony…..
bless u all!

-Zsolte (09/01/2016)

It was the most special journey in my whole life! Unforgettable feelings! Thanks for the gentle care!

-Noémi (09/01/2016)

Let me first give my thanks to the wonderful people I met
Especially Ger and Dave for accepting me right down to the soul
Dave of course for listening while doing my ” stand op” act
Timmy and Rene for creating the possibility for this to happen
I had a “blast” so to say
She put a rocket in my pocket and all I had to do was start the engine.

-Kenneth (09/01/2016)

Hi everyone and especially people of the last session. I’m not so good in reviewing, let’s see what can get out of my mind 🙂
What I can say is that I had a very powerful visionary journey in the first part. Galleries of coulours bringing to animals like fluo red and green dogs full of electric blinking anger, but also stars and wondeful pieces of idontknowwhat. Then I felt all the bad feelings I can keep and I had the intuition that the music was not for me at that time (doesnt mean I don’t like it in général 😉 . As you might notice, I was a bit sick of fiever when I arrived, and after my big visions I prefered to stay then a bit alone with my guitar and some others in the other room.
The second part was a big healing process, at a physical point: my fiever came and left, and came again twice, I had to lie down between singing 2 songs, and I really felt a quick physical evolution of my flu. I could see 9-10 strings at my guitar, then I threw up a bit. Didn’t feel so bad for a long time finaly. Ayahuasca healed me completely in 2 days.
Ayahuasca teaches me also how to stay connected to the Source and the spiritual guides in a deep way, but also to maintain my conscience in the material level, She teaches me how to improve my songs. She tells me I’m a healer, and inspires me in my daily life. She shows me how she’s helping all the mindkind to heal all their wounds, and she heals mine. In a so deep way, I can’t tell you.
The second day was like a retreat for me, going on processing and healing my flu.
To all organisators, owners of the house, all helpers and participants, thank you so much for beeing there that weekend, and letting me sing all night long in my corner, I hope very much that I didn’t bother anyone with my music and my way to stay a bit in my own space, out of the main room.
See you in a while dear new friends of travel.

-Shankara (28/11/2015)

I guess a few of you already noticed as it was hard to ignore
The first round was extacy
Not very visionary but after laying around for what I think must have been maybe an hour and a half I felt refreshed and quite active so I started to dance on desert dwellers ,on of my favorite music producers
I danced with loved ones
Some who are not with me anymore is this realm
The second round I felt a bit sick and the sound of puking around me didn’t help .. Haha
Oh well.. But then I heard UNKLE with an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth
It infuriated me..still a little weak I lay still
Then I got up and lay somewhere quiet
Damn machines of the nwo revealing themselves and how they work
I gave in to the anger inside,the fire and started feeling really good again
Sat in the back kitchen and spilled it all to John (thx mate)
Like an oracle the whole story came out
I did probably overreact but felt so energized ,must have been good for something
Later on had a lot fun joking an storytelling
Hope I didn’t make too much of a fool of
It does feel a little weird though
Getting enraged and aya telling me I have I have all the right
Go little boy go go go

-Kenneth (28/11/2015)

Hello there. The ayahuasca showed me heaven. And the mushrooms kicked my ass. Going back to the most dramatic time in my Life. The intense feeling And the visions made me feel I was stuck in eternity. It was hell. Thanxs sharon for Your support. Your a True angel. Thanxs all for the great experience. Beautifull People

-Dave (28/11/2015)

Thanks to all, Timmy, Rene, guides and all the people i’ve met. Thanks for the warm, loving support, good conversations, the positive vibe and fantastic music. I had a beautiful, loving travel experience, very healing and enlightening. It was for me the first acquaintance with the ayahuasca but certainly not the last time. Great thanks!!
Love & Light

-Miriam (28/11/2015)

This experience for me has been very confrontational. I have had a mystical experience, I was one with the universe and I know now that exist this magical world full of peace and harmony but also I went to the most frightening and dark side where I was face-to-face with my deepest fears, I have visited the heaven and hell, I crossed the thin barrier that separates these worlds but in the end I have found the road again leaving behind my ego with acceptance. It has been a hard lesson for me but a great value for my life. Sometimes you need overcome ordeals to find the trail that takes you to the creative force of the universe.

-Pedro (28/11/2015)

Thanks Timmy, Rene and team….for your wonderfull, loving and caring guidance…this was my second journey with your ” tribe ”…I cherish these moments with you all, which makes my journey safe to surrender to ayahuasca.
This time again, it was a deep dive into the rabit hole….with sooo many divine insights…and a lot of confrontations with ” my” ego….aya did not spare me…but due to a safe loving environment, I jumped into the deep….sooo mind blowing….and of course…the music was awesome guidance …..magical ….mystical….inviting me to do the next step….sooo cool….again, a very BIG THANKS to all of you …and also a BIG THANKS to all the participants who mirrored me…..I feel like coming home to my brothers and sisters…

-Ger (28/11/2015)

Hi everyone, this is Frederik who joined the wonderful sessions this weekend. Thank you all for being there, thank you for the warm conversations, especially with you Ger, thank you guides, especially Brigitta who was there for me at the right time with the perfect support, you’re wonderful, and of course, thank you Timmy who suddenly, unexpectedly crossed my path at the perfect timing and had me join the group on a short notice.

It turned out I was not ready yet to release control of my ego during the ayahuasca session, and found myself struggling with rational thoughts blocking my ability to let go. But then came the mushrooms on Sunday… I’m still figuring out all I have gone through, but I can honestly say I left bad things behind: blocked joy and deep grief. A heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I also went through dark visions and paranoia, and at one point I felt I had to choose between going back to the grey, flat matrix we live in, or go further into the multidimensional realm of eternity. I think the love for my family in this world has held me back…

When my father became 40 back in the time, people said ‘life begins at 40’. I always remembered that, and now I know why 🙂

-Frederik (28/11/2015)

How time flies when you’re having fun! This week passed like a train and I felt really energetic despite lack of sleep.
The ayahuasca session was one positive vibe full of joy, expectations and off course a handful of weirdness.
Unlike some other people I didn’t leave the session free of questions. There are a lot of things stuck inside me and together with the ayahuasca we worked very hard to sort things out.
If I hear people did over 30 sessions I was very naive to think that one session would clear the sky. But it proved me it is possible!
I just need to get deeper and gain control so I can find the path and answers within.
I can’t leave without thanking the people looking after us that day…night(), Timmy for his effort making this possible, the other participants and Tom Vandemoortele for joining me in on this journey!

Grtz Kim

-Kim (19/09/2015)

I had an amazing 12 hour journey…..full of love and light…..and sooo many insights……they just kept on coming in…..could not stop them…..carried by the amazing musical choice of Timmy……just wonderfull……..had several previous aya sessions on different locations…..but here I felt the real NO NONSENSE aya experience….no ” holy holy shit ”……no ” guru trapshit ” just straight from the heart plain aya session…..that’s my baby……thanks Timmy and Rene and crew……you do a great job….and I finally found ” my aya place ”… november 28 th I’ll be there….looking forward seeing you guys again…, Ger.

-Ger (19/09/2015)

It was an amazing weekend, beyond any expectations. My deep appreciation to Timmy and angelic guardians, to John and every participant of this group. Blessings <3

-Larissa (19/09/2015)

Dear all
For me it was a revelation. There was so much love this weekend, the vibration between the people was amazing. Personally I saw so much and went through all stages of being. I felt the pain I cause and how I need to deal with my demons. There was laughter, crying, childish happiness, sadness. A total rebirth. A big thank you for Timmy who lead the ceremony with gentleness and comfort and all the guides were so friendly, professional and loving. I felt like i was being watched over like a little child. The music was breathtaking and I never felt music so deep. The electric guitar was an extra dimension although the start of the guitar session was a bit hesitating. The freedom you gave us was so real. It is a lot of money for me but worth every euro. Like a guide told me, the best is yet to come. Love n light

-Tom (19/09/2015)

First of all, I want to THANK each member of the team, who makes this events safe and gives disinterestedly care for each of us. You are great and awesome people!!! Also, each session I always met a great people who comes for Mother Ayahuasca’s teachings and I really proud that I have such a nice friends now. Last session I had a bad trip where, mother Ayahuasca killed my ego and it was so intense and scary trip for me, but then I can feel a great changes in my everyday life. I think it is hard to explain all the things, but the changes are great. Thank you! Peace and Love!!!

-Kasymkhan (22/08/2015)

Dear Timmy and team,
First of all I want to express my gratitude to all of you. The warm and supporting attitude of the guides was almost overwhelming, thankyou so much. I felt very safe and comfortable in your hands, like longtime loving friends.
Timmy, you did a great job, I guess you re a nice and genuine guy.
As my 1st ayahuasca experience, it was beautifull, although i hoped( not expected) to go in deeper than I did.
The fact that there were so many vomiting people around me was difficult for me.
It distracted me from my visions n feelings.
Nevertheless Im very much willing to continue …. Take care 4 now, cu again. Love, Koen

-Koen (22/08/2015)

Thanks to all of you brothers and sisters for this special gathering we’ve had, the privilege to share our energy in our own journeys guided by mother Ayahuasca. A special night where each and every one off us worked on their own souls. The setting and guidance was splendid and with good intentions and love. It was a long night where I had my inner battle, convincing Ego to listen to my inner child, sometimes hilarious as well. I’m looking forward to continue 🙂 .
I wish every one of you a conscious and aware journey to become the best version of You possible, loving, forgiving, living.
All is Love is All

-Tom (22/08/2015)

Hi everyone! Last time I didn’t write because I wanted to feel immersed deeper in what I lived with the Ayahuasca. My experience has been very abstract, hard to translate; the images and messages were cryptic, but in a way very artistic. I think this related to my way of being, so ayahuasca was communicating with me in my own inner language. I like to take my time to process and enjoy things, like nature does to grow plants, move the clouds or change the seasons. I feel my progress with the Ayahuasca is slowly going on, but the reason this is this way, is because that’s how I feel more comfortable. Besides the Ayahuasca wants some compromise from my part and I have some personal challenges to gladly overcome. I haven’t yet precisely seen what the others have, but I feel a deep feeling of peace which I also felt last time and it’s something I appreciate deeply.
After the ceremony I was surprised (in a positive way of course) by the changes and experiences people lived. I really feel many of the things they say and do. In a way I understand them partly. Mostly I enjoyed the company of the people before, during and after the ceremony. I felt that I learned something interesting from each one of you, also parts of the puzzle. I like to discover people, their worlds and perspectives, and this reality, even as an illusion it’s still a remarkable piece of art as we are the performers. 😉
Today as I was riding with my bike, I talked with different people during the day. All I felt was this deep inner peace and enjoyment of life. While riding, I could see the trees, the clouds, the rainbows, the people and felt amazing. I also feel lighter and with more energy!
That’s my impression for now…Until the next adventure my friends 🙂

-Jose (22/08/2015)

What I needed most was to feel unconditional love and to truly embrace it all around and within me. That’s exactly what I experienced and nothing is more healing and empowering. I was prepared to be taken to a much darker place in order to truly heal but it seems I’ve experienced enough major lows that it’s time to choose happiness instead of hoping it will come to me. Now it’s a case of staying in the light and soaking up the warmth forever.
This means channelling my energy to focus only on the areas I can positively influence. Above all, not wasting a single second being resentful or regretting anything.
I’m happy for those of you who shared what you’ve gained with me. I found the whole environment very nurturing and everyone present contributed to that dynamic. I hope you all found and continue to find what you’re looking for and long may the healing continue for each and every one.
Last but certainly not least, this journey would never have been so uplifting without the love and support from all the guides. I felt completely safe and welcome. Thank you so much and I love you all 🙂

-Simon (22/08/2015)

First I want to thank all of you : Timmy, Rene , all the Guides <3 and all the people that i’ved met, you are beautifull souls and what you are doing is divine 🙂 . For me personaly it was something that I waited all my life. I manage to go in the subconcious mind and identify the blockeges , the old belief sistem, all the thoughts that didn’t allow me to be who I truelly am . And one by one I removed everyhing that wasn’t necessary . time it doesn’t existe there, I was one with All that is, sometimes i cryed , somethimes i laught, I felt all the emotion at ones so i didn’t knew how to react. But at a moment i realized it doesn’t matter. All that matter is that I AM one with all , it’s not easy to explain in words, you have to experience it. We are all One , and One is Love and Love is all that is  <3

-Adrian (22/08/2015)

Hi Timmy,

Thank you for organising the Ayahuasca event last weekend. For my first time, I found the experience very healing and elucidating. So far this week, I find that people really notice that something in me really changed, and I can feel this too.

I consider the event very well organised in that the accomodation was comfortable and clean, but more so in that the guides really took very well care, which gave a feeling of safety. Also, I felt at all times like I could do my process at my own speed, and I benefitted a lot. I really hope to be back in one of the upcoming events.


-Stijn (22/08/2015)

In my opinion, Ayahuasca is a substance that can help people to find their own path, that has been loosen due to the lot of distractions in the life.
I know it is difficult to explain all your feelings and visions, but I can definitely say that there is no psychologist in the world, who can dig deep inside in your thoughts to heal your soul as Ayahuasca do.
Last week it was my first experience and I haven’t feel that much, but now I understand that it still works with me, because I feel myself more peaceful and I understand more, what do I need to do in my life to be happy. And I feel like I did a thousands of meditations.
I want to thank all Ayahuasca session’s organizer team members for the great experience and for the really warm care of people during their “journey”.
You are doing a great mission for helping people to find their calling and heeling their soul! 🙂

-Kasymkhan (11/07/2015)

I had an amazing experience last Saturday! I will be back for more!! Thanks a lot! 🙂
I asked to help to overcome my fears, help me to heal my past trauma’s, and to crush my limited beliefs.. Well it all happened and I feel much much better right now.. It also confirmed my thoughts about spirits and the universe. My vibe was skyrocking while I was in the trip.. There was a big message that I had to meditate more.. I meditated while I was on ayahuasca and I felt a a powerful force around me, pretty nice 🙂 I might come next session with a few friends.. We just have to check if we are available at that time 🙂 Cheers

-Dylan (11/07/2015)