An Entheogen (“generating the divine within”) is a chemical substance
used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context
that may be synthesized or obtained from natural species.

The chemical induces altered states of consciousness, psychological or physiological.
Entheogens can supplement many diverse practices for transcendence,
and revelation, including meditation, yoga, and prayer, psychedelic and visionary art,
chanting, and music including peyote song and psytrance,
traditional medicine and psychedelic therapy and psychonautics.

Some believe they are the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and the path to true enlightenment.

Seeking the Sacred with psychoactive substances.
Chemical paths to spirituality and to God.

How does this work?
Many experience the feeling oneness of all that exists (transcendence of ego), and feeling being connected to all beings. And as a direct result of these feelings, massive expansion happens (moving from contracted consciousness to expanded consciousness).

What does this mean?
It means that the above experience, simply, adds the spiritual dimension. Before the experience the seeker believed he is body and mind only, and after the experience the seeker became convinced that he is body, mind, and Spirit. Not only this, but also, he realized that the body and the mind are tiny and mortal while the Spirit is vast and eternal. After experiences like this, the seeker becomes a completely different person; now he takes into consideration the spiritual aspect of life. He stops overemphasizing on desires and instincts of the body and mind, and he stops overemphasizing on material things. He starts to understand that there are other more important things in life that belong to the spiritual world. He changes completely. Now, he starts to emphasize of integrating the spiritual aspect of life.

Subjects who have experienced this form of consciousness have made powerful claims of increased personality integration, of greater sensitivity to the authentic problems of other persons, of a responsible independence of social pressures, of both sensing deeper purposes in life and losing anxieties about death and meaninglessness.

These substances, if administered properly, could help people establish contact with the overlooked aspects of inner and outer reality.
In doing so, these substances could assist them in breaking through the world games that trap them and provide a release from early conditionings that thwart their later development.

The ideas that come from direct, personal sacred experience overlap but are not the same as those that come from reading about spirituality. In a manner of speaking, word-based religion is like reading a recipe, while mystical experience tastes the food. To put it another way, word-limited religion gives you a map to sacred blessedness or heaven; mystical experience takes you on a visit.
To most people who are even moderately experienced with Entheogens, concepts such as awe, sacredness, eternity, grace, transcendence, transfiguration, dark night of the soul, born-again, heaven and hell are more than theological ideas; they are experiences.

When people add the spiritual dimension, they become very different than before. They feel oneness with all that exists. They feel connected to all beings. They massively expand their consciousness. This process (or what is called the spiritual awakening) can often be induced and initiated by psychoactive substances like psilocybin, ketamine, DMT, LSD, peyote, iboga, 5-MeO-DMT or Ayahuasca or through other means.

Such substances appear to work as keys to locks inside the mind, allowing entry into different realities, each key opens a different door, but all of these doors lead to realms that differ from our consensus reality.

There is nothing like spirituality. There are spiritual solutions to many problems. Spirituality prevents many problems in the first place. Many problems are because of spiritual poverty or because of a complete lack of spirituality.

And it doesn’t stop there. We advice the use of Entheogens for the long road of “working on yourself”. The Entheogens often show you things and make the unconscious conscious. You can then implement this in your life and adjust things where necessary so that you become a better version of yourself. Often this comes down to the golden rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated. (And do not do to another what you would not want to be done to yourself) and the wise words of Jesus “Love another as yourself” come to mind. By making better and purer choices in your life, you make the world a better place.

The dark side of Entheogens

As with anything here in this duality. It’s not only love and light in the Entheogenic realm and there is a possibility to encounter dark forces and energies. Unconscious content can also come to the surface to be resolved which can result in more difficult experiences. Apart from the heavenly experiences full of light and even apart from some darker or even bad trips that have a beneficial outcome, there are cases of traumatic trips that take a very long time to recover from and don’t feel beneficial at all. The only positive is that you are not ignorant about evil anymore. You can really experience the demonic realm and demonic energies that are no joke. Even spiritual attacks can happen, during the experience and even later in regular life. Acknowledge the shadow but don’t embrace it.
Some experiences can really fuck you up mentally and energetically and if you are not careful you can even end up in a mental hospital due to some spiritual crisis or spiritual warfare attacks and/or methods. If you encounter spiritual attacks, targeting, repeated traumatic experiences or spiritual crisis (which some call “psychoses”), it can be a good advice to take a long break from Entheogens at least till you are recovered and can reconnect with the light and positive beings and/or experiences. Those who are overly fascinated by the world of psychedelics yet naïve to the landscape are in danger of delusion and vulnerable to the shadows that look therein.
In the case of Ketamine, it has an addictive potential that is greater than any of the other Entheogens. Some seekers find the experience so enjoyable that they use the substance constantly until their supply is used up. The danger of too much frequency or too big a dose is always present. We warn that use should be done sensibly and with respect.
It is also a fact that not everyone has the same experiences on different types of Entheogens.
What you experience in other dimensions of consciousness is often dictated by your vibratory state. This means the collective vibration of your being, including the elevated aspects of yourself and the unevolved negative aspects of yourself.
Entheogens alone are not the highway to happiness but can actually lead to bad things if those who take them are for example not well-versed in their moral integrity. Believe not every spirit.
Also, it becomes apparent that some forces specifically target people who are in the awakening process, and are becoming more conscious and of higher vibration
For more information on some possible dark encounters and experiences click here and read the posts of Hyperspace Fool, he might have some useful information.

Use these tools in the right way

Entheogens are tools that can be used in different ways, They can be used for healing, inducing spiritual experiences, or for non-ethical experiments.
The way forward safely and intelligently is to understand protections we have available to us.
It is very important to use Entheogens in the right set and setting. (The mindset, the emotional state and the environment)
A festival is maybe not the best place to K-hole or something similar.
Also the people you are with can have a great influence on the experience. We would suggest to only do these kind of things in the company of people you can trust and that are loving and have no bad intentions towards you.
With most Entheogens the music that is played during the experience is also of great importance. On this website you can find a fine selection of music that can be used with Ayahuasca but also with other Entheogens. Of course you can use your own music but we advice as pure music as possible made with the best of intentions. There are always people who prefer silence on some Entheogens, but there can be a beautiful synergy between most Entheogens and the right music.
Having good intentions and walking as pure as possible in life is a good advice to give…
Follow your intuition and gut feeling, walk away if anything feels off.
There is always the guidance of Spirit.
The power of Entheogens is to open the mind to new information, not simply to make the world look better than it is. It’s also to address the shadow side of life. Entheogens help to understand life, they dismantle unhealthy beliefs that shadow our vision. They offer a new perspective to worldviews and because of this, a new and more relevant understanding of the actual world we live in.
And by the process of working on yourself, you also help to make the world a better place, every positive change can change the future for the better.
A revolution that can work is the inner transformation of the individual.


The following book answers a lot of possible questions about Entheogens.
It is a good book to start your Entheogenic journey.
A must read for everyone who chooses the path of Entheogens.
We highly recommend it to all event participants and all people interested.

The Sacred Voyage

Read or download here

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