-World on Ayahuasca-Group Energies Part 2

Music Selected by the All Saint/All Souls Event group

1.Dead can Dance – The Host of Seraphim
2.Vangelis – Light And Shadow
3.Bonobo – Kiara
4.Enigma – Sadeness – Part I (Radio Edit)
5.Tycho – Ascension
6.Saidash Mongush – Udugen Taiga
7.Raphael Meditation – Aloha Mai E (Birth Dance of the Humpback Whale)
8.Enigma – Hallelujah
9.Sadhu Sensi – The Illusion
10.Vangelis – Conquest Of Paradise
11.Armand Amar – Home, Pt. I
12.Bobby McFerrin – Common Threads
13.Brent Lewis – Coyote Eyes
14.Miten & Deva Premal – So Much Magnificence
15.Enigma – Temple Of Love
16.Fleetwood Mac – Albatross

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-World on Ayahuasca-Group Energies

Music Selected by the End of Summer Event Group

01.Bonobo – Black Sands
02.Cultura Cósmica – Hare Krishna
03.Lisa Gerard – Space Weaver
04.Philip Glass – Pruitt Igoe
05.Schiller – I Feel You
06.Enigma – Return To Innocence (Radio Edit)
07.Stonefox – All I Want (Wolfskind x Whyman Remix)
08.Enya – Only Time
09.Bhakti – We Are One
10.Children Beyond – Kol Ha Olam Kulo
11.Peia – Machi
12.Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi
13.Gurunam Singh – Unto Thee
14.Shpongle – Once Upon a Time The Sea Of Blissful Awareness
15.Antonio Vivaldi – The 4 Seasons (Spring) I. Allegro

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