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An infringement on our spiritual freedom…

World on Ayahuasca - Infringement on our spiritual freedom

Ayahuasca, mushrooms, and other similar mind-expanding plant teachers, are largely criminalized and outlawed in our culture.
This is a profound disservice to our culture and is a radical infringement on our spiritual freedom.
Honest assessment of these powerful plant teachers cannot take place in an atmosphere of misinformation, social dogma, and outright demonization of sacred plants.
Our consciousness and spiritual natures are the most intimate aspects of our being, and the presumption that anyone can deny you the access to the depts of your own mind and spirit is what is indeed criminal.
Exploration of consciousness and spirituality, when undertaken in responsible and affirming contexts, is a human right of the highest degree and is inalienable.

Martin W.Ball. Ph.D

-World on Ayahuasca-

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