Wisdom of Balance

wisdom of balance

…”Just like a ship that sails into a storm, the universe has ITs way of showing us that IT takes more then being just a captain to reach our final destination, sometimes we have to surrender to the forces of nature to remind us that there are outer forces which also influence our path and destination. Sickness can be seen in this way, which is the dis-ease we carry from time to time, to serve as a reminder that we can’t really appreciate the good in our life without also encountering its opposite counterpart, just as they say that even the best soup needs a little salt in IT to give the flavor a little kick! Seeing the forces of nature as a continuous influence over our being, is how we come to terms with co-creating in our daily living, but just as the forces of the universe have influence over us, looking closer at those we influence in our daily lives, shows this same entanglement with other spirits. We can even send waves of healing across the span of space and time, as our influence does reach across the world, fueled by the power of our thoughts and words, for even science says that just lifting our finger changes what happens on the sun. So it is wise not to underestimate the power of intention fused through our action, for when these two forces combine, we can influence and change ALL that surrounds us. And with this insight, no-thing can bring us down or knock us off our course, for the wise one knows how to ride out the storms that unfold before us with the wisdom of balance!”

~Alistar Valadez..